Kindergarten, Bolivia

This kindergarten is a building in Bolivia, keeping in mind the comfort needed by the young kids. This is a school under the initiative of public education in Bolivia.

The kindergarten, is first of all, a very differently structured school with small buildings and unique designs. The small buildings have an umbrella like roof, which probably needs a very flexible construction system.

The school buildings are very small. Hence, to build sturdy small buildings, the construction systems needs to be highly sturdy. This needs to be taken care since the height of the constructions are very small.

And certainly the walls also need to be thermally insulated. As a result, this ensures that the children are in a good comfortable space. All of these, consequently leads to a successful childhood for the kids.

There are many safety measures that certainly needs additional focus. This is mainly because it is a school and more so for children under the age of five, with little cognizance of what should be done in case a disaster strikes the area and hence it is important to give more importance to the same.

The EPS Panel Based Technology for building Kindergarten

With the EPS Panel Based System, it is certainly easy to fulfill all the requirements to build a safer kindergarten. A kindergarten to be a peaceful study place for the children.

The EPS Panel Based Technology is loaded with features such as,

1) Fire Resistant.
2) Earthquake Resistant.
3) Cyclone Resistant.
4) Versatile.
5) Flexible.
6) Thermal Insulation.

The EPS Panel Based Technology can be molded into any shape for the desired design. This is mainly because of its flexibility and versatility. And the availability of curved panels to help in getting the required design in this case.

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