Travel Mediums – Mi Teleférico

Taking La Paz’s public travel system to new heights is Mi Teleférico. It is a cable car network providing fast and reliable transport between the city’s major attractions.

It Operates at a height of 4000 m (13,000 ft) above sea level. This is the world’s highest cable car ride. This has, as a result, revolutionized the way locals or the tourists travel between La Paz and El Alto. It shuffles 3000 people between the two locations every hour. The cable cars have thus cut the commute times down from 1 hour to just 10 minutes. This is a significant difference to La Paz’s long-suffering commuters.

Along with striving to modernise mobility in La Paz, Mi Teleférico have also considered the system’s impact on the environment; a topic of great importance in Bolivia. In an effort to cut the amount of smog polluting city air, the cable car system has been designed to run on electricity, part of which is provided through solar power.

A tourist attraction in its own right, the cable cars provide spectacular bird’s-eye views from each of the lines, enabling passengers to grasp just how big and sprawling the city truly is. It was constructed in just 2 years with the help of 1,200 full-time workers.

EPS Panel Based System for Travel Systems

The EPS Panel Based System was chosen for this. This is because no other system was able to operate at such guarantee and height. The guarantee of the lives of so many people using this mode of transport. Also EPS System is capable of completing the construction in much shorter time as compared to the traditional systems. Therefore making the entire process a good one for even Mi Teleférico.

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