Xelena Hotel

Xelena Hotel in Patagonia, marks the border of Argentina and Chile. It is one of the most beautiful properties in the region.

The hotel in addition to its architectural beauty, has the majestic Argentino Lake for a background. This makes it a picturesque stay along with being an extremely comfortable one.

It is an uber luxurious Five Star Property. It is also a go to location for many of the honeymooners around the globe.

The services provided by the five star property, is just like its architecture – “Truly Magnificent!

The Xelena Hotel houses a spa service along with shops and functional areas in case of business meetings. This space is a home away from home for a wide range of patrons who come to the place for different reasons.

The elegant design was decided upon keeping all these points in mind. And the EPS Panel Based Technology was certainly their natural choice for constructing this master piece.

Why EPS Panel Based Technology is the best for building hotel?

Considering that the property is present in one of the busiest tourist places, it is important that it causes minimum disturbance to the people around.

The construction design was also important to have the perfect thermal insulation because people from different geographical locations come here to stay. This arrangement is important to give the patrons an uniform experience.

The technology ensures the Hotel Site is protected from any possible calamity that could dampen the spirits of the guests. Considering the requirements, EPS Panel Based Technology is an obvious choice when it comes to this kind of precision in construction.

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