Tourist Place – Antilles, St. Thomas Island

St. Thomas is part of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea. And together with Saint John, Water Island and Saint Croix it forms a county and constitutes the district of United States Virgin Islands. Further, it is also an unincorporated territory of the United States. It is considered to be one of the most famous tourist spots around the world.

It is one of the topmost tourist attraction places. Hence it sees a constant demand for an increase in places to stay for a visiting tourist on the island.

EPS Panels is their chosen option to undertake this exciting tourist project and deliver it well before the scheduled time, thus getting the tourist spot stay ready. The project consists of Villas with modern designs and beautiful pastel colours, which is chosen to represent the vibrant culture and people living on the island. Since it is an island city, and populated with tourists all around the year, it is important that the place does not become less habitable due to the contaminated air and the excessive noise. These may be a result of the construction in the place. And the EPS Panel Based Technology ensures that such an instance does not take place because of its low carbon emissions as compared to the traditional construction systems.

The Technology due to its flexibility and versatility ensures a 100% consistency throughout the construction. Which is a need of the hour at places of tourism such as these.

EPS Panel Based Technology – Advantage for building tourist places

The various features that came together to make this project a successful one, are that of the Panels being:
1) Earthquake Resistant.
2) Cyclone Resistant.
3) Load Resistant.
4) And finally of course, the Flexibility of panels.

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