RDS Stadium, Italy

The RDS Stadium, known until August 2017 as 105 Stadium, is a multipurpose facility located in Rimini.

It belongs to the company Stadium SRL and is a home to many events and concerts. In the past it usually housed the home games of Crabs Rimini. The then 105 Stadium had inherited the function of main sports hall from the less modern and capacious Pala Flaminio. However, with the fall of the Crabs in amateurism the company made a come back to the old sports hall.

The official capacity for basketball games is 4 703 seats. The capacity for other events can consequently be further expanded up to 7 000 places taking advantage of the space on which rests the parquet [A flooring composed of wooden blocks arranged in a geometric pattern].

The construction of the plant began in the year 2000. The inauguration time – December 14, 2002 at the concert of Biagio Antonacci. As for basketball, the inauguration dates to January 23, 2003 with a friendly match between the Crabs and Montepaschi Siena, while the first official match was played a little later, on February 2 of the same year with the victory and the championship going to Scafati.

Stadium built using EPS Panel Based Technology

The EPS Panel Based Technology is a natural choice to save space and also be cost effective. In addition to it, it is because it provides the following comfortable benefits over the traditional construction system:

1) Earthquake Resistant.
2) Blast Resistant.
3) Fire Resistant and certainly,
4) Load Resistant.

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