Islazul, Madrid, Spain & the Commercial Centre in Argentina

Islazul is a shopping mall in Madrid, Spain. The mall is a home to more than sixty shops, thirty-one restaurants and a movie theater. The mall also hosts many events and promotional campaigns throughout the year in the hall.

Further, the mall provides various other add-on but essential features such as:
1) Wheelchair Loan.
2) Book crossing rooms.
3) Breastfeeding rooms and many more.

EPS Panel Based Technology for building mall

All of these were built by using EPS Panel Based Technology, because of its ability to be able to adapt and mold into various shapes and make each of the space extremely comfortable.

Since it is a shopping centre with so many features, it was needed that all of the features that the panels provide be on the fore for the construction. The features such as;
1) Earthquake Resistance.
2) Cyclone Resistance.
3) Blast Resistance.
4) Wide Range of Finishes.
5) Versatility.
6) Cost Effective, and finally
7) Sustainable and Cost Effective.

In addition the EPS Panel Based Construction System also ensures that the entire construction was completed within the given time span provided for the construction.

The Commercial Center in Argentina is built using the same principles in mind.

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