Panama Skyscrapers

Here is an example of a skyscraper of 125 meter height. Read Further!

It is built in Panama, the Skyscraper Capital of Latin America. A thirty floor, 125 feet skyscraper. It is as elegant as majestic in the looks. It is a residential building with elegance speaking for itself. Carefully curated, and slender shaped, it is a design with one of the most appealing designs in its surroundings in the Panama City Bay.

The EPS Panel Based Technology is an easy choice for its completion. This is mainly because of the ability of the system to withstand any kind of pressure. In addition to overcome adverse weather conditions and help in quick completion of the construction.

Since it is a residential complex, it was essential to provide the construction with high amount of safety and protection. The protection is most certainly from any possible adverse situations. And the EPS Based Panels was the only natural choice to complete the construction.

EPS Panels for Skyscraper

The EPS Panel Based Technology is an Earthquake Resistant, Thermal insulation, Load Resistant and Cyclone Resistant.

It is these features that make the EPS Panel Based System, a perfect partner for building this skyscraper. In addition, the System provides a lot of versatility to be used while constructing the building and in the shortest possible time span, making it the best choice for constructing such High-Rise Buildings.

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