Seymour Airport, Galapagos

Seymour Airport (IATA: GPS, ICAO: SEGS) serves the island of Baltra, one of the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador.

In the year 2012, it became the world’s first green airport. Consequently, the Green Building Council U.S.A recognized it with “Leed Global Certification”.

According to ECOGAL, construction of the new terminal considered the surrounding environment. This certainly ensures very minimal damage to the ecosystem. The purpose of the redevelopment commenced keeping in mind to create the world’s first ecological airport.

The new terminal also consists of recycled steel tubes taken from oil drilling operations in the Amazon Forests. Most noteworthy thing is that, the terminal is spread over 6,000 square meters. Above all, the project has an ongoing investment of $24 million. The new complex will use clean, renewable technologies such as solar energy, wind farms, and seawater desalination. All of these along with other environmental innovations.

The EPS Panel Based Technology & Airport Buildings

Since the EPS Based Panel Technology ensures that the entire process and the construction is highly energy efficient. Further the technology is extremely energy efficient. The EPS Panel Based Technology certainly is perfect partner for any green building construction initiative. EPS Panel Based Technology certainly comes with a lot of other benefits in addition to it being a pioneer of green initiatives.

The other factors that were considered to give the project to the Emmedue Construction System are:

1) Earthquake Resistance.
2) Cyclone and Blast Resistance.
3) The wide range of finishes.

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