Commercial Building – Spain

The Commercial Building in Spain is one of the brilliantly designed commercial building around the world. The design as can be seen from the images had to have the inclined structure.

To have the requested design accomplished, the traditional construction system would have:

A) Taken a lot of time.
B) The structure might not have been as strong as it can be using the EPS Panel Based Construction System.

EPS Panel Based Technology for Commercial Building

The inclined structure and for it to stand on inclined pillars were the most challenging aspects of the construction. Because of the flexibility and the strength of the EPS Panels, the entire construction of the commercial building was possible to be on time. Further the building construction was completed quite easily. It also ensures that the inclinations does not affect the overall strength of the building adversely. Above all, it only improves the look of the building.

Further it is also essential that the construction withstand any earthquake tremors since Spain as a nation is prone to earthquakes. On an average 1,200 to 1,400 tremors are recorded in the region annually. The EPS Panel Based Technology is tested and proven to withstand the strongest of tremors. And hence it becomes an automatic choice for the makers of this magnificent commercial structure in Spain.

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