Juan Carlos Antarctic Base

It is the construction of a modular camp for the new CENTRO SUPERIOR DE INVESTIGACIONES SCIENTÍFICAS (CSIC) Scientific Base in the Antarctic. The Scientific Base includes all the equipment necessary to guarantee its self-sufficiency in extreme conditions: Electricity generation, air conditioning, hot water, communications (internet, telephone, wi-fi), water treatment, integrated waste management, etc.

Technical characteristics:

1) The Juan Carlos I Scientific Base is located on the SE coast of South Bay on the Hurd Peninsular of Livingston Island. It is one of the South Shetland Islands, in the Antarctic, about 1,000 kilometres from the coasts of Tierra del Fuego. It is about 100 m. from the shore and 12 m. above sea level.

2) The project’s main objective is to provide Spanish scientists and researchers with a modern, efficient, comfortable and non-contaminant operating scientific base. Additionally, all of this, in the immense and marvelous natural laboratory of the Antarctic.

3) The Base is made up of 10 independent modules with a capacity for 24 people but can be expanded to house around 48. In the centre of the scientific base is a Y-shaped group of three modules that together form the living area. It consists of dormitory modules and a “living” module with kitchen and living/dining room. In addition to this is the communications area.

4) The other modules are used for laboratories, co-generation (heat/electricity generation), waste treatment, storage, workshops and nautical equipment.

5) The external structure is made in polyester reinforced with high-visibility red glass fibre on the outside. It requires minimal maintenance and is highly resistant to erosion, meeting all the energy, environmental and building specifications set in the Antarctic Treaty.

And most certainly,

6) The structure is completely sealed against the exterior so that it can withstand extreme temperatures and has thermal insulation in the “life modules” to minimise heat loss.

EPS Panel Based Technology for Scientific Base

The EPS Based Panel Technology was chosen because the transportation of the basic raw materials becomes much easier.

Further considering the weather conditions at the Antarctic, one needs a construction system that is quick to build, easy to operate and most certainly be thermally insulated. And the EPS Based Panel Technology in all their product offerings

The factors helping the EPS Based Technology certainly are:
1) Energy Efficient and sustainable.
3) Versatile, and finally Flexible.

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