Private & Residential Homes

The Black Building in Indonesia and the Private Homes in Holland, both are residential complexes. One is an example of design construction while the other is a simple construction of a building with three floors.

Both the buildings need a different type of approach. Therefore the flexibility of the EPS Panels comes into the picture. This is to achieve the different panel forms. And also the ease with which the material can be molded into the required shapes and sizes, has been of huge benefit for the architects. This acts as a guiding factor to choose the EPS Panels over the traditional methodology for the construction.

The black building homes need that the EPS Panel Based Technology be curved and customized to a higher degree to achieve the desired structure. While the Private House is a simple construction that needs the basic EPS panels of Emmedue, but built in a very efficient manner.

EPS Panel Based Technology for Homes

Since both the buildings are for residential purposes it was important to provide the basic security features to the buildings, i.e.

1) Earthquake Resistance.
2) Cyclone Resistance.
3) Blast Resistance, just in case if the need arises.

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