Austin Eco Bilingual School

The Austin School first opened in 2010 as a Maternal and Infant Garden and then later with the bilingual double day mode. From the year 2011, it opened its primary school under the same model, also incorporating the Portuguese language from the 4th Year.

In 2013, the inauguration of the second kindergarten campus took place on the Campus of the Institution, also with the double bilingual day program.

In 2014, the Secondary Section began its operations, continuing with the English-Spanish bilingual modality. This school has an added subject of Portuguese language. This along with incorporating the teaching of the Mandarin Chinese language since the 1st Year.

Further, Austin Bi-lingual mixes both secular and bilingual educational proposal (English/Spanish) with a focus on the care of the environment.

The concept arises from the concern of a group of professionals, with a teacher leading the group having international experience in teaching English language and experience in coordination of multiple educational institutions.

As can be seen from the image, the school is a place of learning right from their younger ages to the secondary education. The structure, thus is built for keeping students safe and sound in addition to providing extremely comfortable classrooms.

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Advantages of EPS Panels in school building constructions

With this technology, the school was built, keeping in mind the philosophy of school buildings. These mainly include, ease of learning and the comfort of the children of different age groups. The EPS Panels helps to ensure, that the design specifications are easily met with. Further, to ensure the children are not discomforted, it is important to consider various benefits that the EPS Panels provide, such as:

1) Earthquake Resistance
2) Cyclone Resistance
4) Sustainable and Energy Efficiency
5) Cost Efficiency

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