Puerto Plaza, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

The Puerto Plaza is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Las Terrenas, Samana Peninsula, northeast of the Dominican Republic. It offers luxury apartments designed in modern Italian Style with high-end finishes. The yacht-shaped building gives the feeling of being on a luxury boat and navigating in a sea of comfort.

The property is superbly located 50 meters from the beach. Surrounding it is the fishing village, the Paseo Colonial and the main restaurants in the luxury hotel, bars and nightclubs of Las Terrenas.

The property is a luxury hotel which has a rooftop swimming pool with a bar/lounge with WIFI connectivity. It further houses a commercial place with shops, pharmacy, and a restaurant. The apartments are spacious and comfortable with a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a seating area. They are fully equipped with microwave, and other such facilities.

These comforts can never be compromised. And to achieve this level of innovative design and further consistency is difficult for a traditional construction system to achieve. The EPS Panel Based Construction System ensures that these factors are met with while building it and strengthens the structure.

Building Luxury Hotel using EPS Panel Based Technology

Since it is a restaurant, the construction needs to stand the test of times and be able to withstand Earthquakes, Fire, Temperature Changes, and many more. And hence the EPS Panel Based Technology is a perfect partner for this construction.

Further the owners requested that the construction is completed quickly and also be cost efficient. Both of which are the main USPs of the EPS Panel Based Technology.

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