Coca Cola Headquarters

Coca-Cola Headquarters’ office building has used the EPS Panel Based Technology to construct certainly one of the most modern headquarters in Quito, Ecuador.

The office building is situated in Quito, Ecuador, where the weather averages between 10 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. Along with this, it rains in the early half the year. Being the headquarters. It is important that the office building not be troubled with any discrepancy.

These discrepancies may include,
1) Being disturbed by the external weather changes.
2) The noise from the outside disturbing the office environment, just to name some.

It is important that the decision making zone be always be with utmost safety. The EPS Panel Based Technology ensures that the entire building is thermally insulated. This will most certainly help in keeping the temperature inside the office building at a constant.

Further the building houses huge glass panels which needs the carrier of the glass to be strong. Further, it should be able to withstand any calamity that might arise such as Earthquakes, etc.

EPS Panel Based Technology for Office Building

The EPS Panel Based Technology was thus the best suited to build it, and also in the shortest possible time. While the system is modular it is also easy to construct with all the requirements being met.

Similarly, since the EPS Panel Based System does not compromise on the strength of the construction, it becomes one of the top choices for buildings such as these.

The other features that came to prominence with this construction are:

1) Load bearing ability.
2) Versatility of the panels.

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One of the examples of what happens inside the Coca Cola office, is right here