Hospitals built using EPS Panels

Hospitals are one of most aesthetic of places. A construction that of an hospital, needs all the care while building. EPS Panels, is thus one of the best systems that is used for the construction.

Example of Hospitals using EPS Panels

In this blog we will look into two Hospitals that is built using EPS Panels:
1) Trauma Hospital in S. Domingo
2) Milagro Hospital in Argentina

Both the hospitals need intricate designing for it to present itself as a strong brand. Also to remember during the construction is the safety of the hospital. As a hospital, it is important to understand the basic safety during and after the construction.

The basic safety in construction of hospitals, are:
1) Earthquake Resistant.
2) Fire Resistant
3) Thermal Insulation.

Furthermore, the buildings should also be able to filter out most of the noise from outside the hospital.

Also every hospital needs to be designed to the last specification accurately, without much compromise that might arise while building with the traditional construction system.

All of this was achieved, using the EPS Panel Based System. In addition to fulfilling all the above needs of construction, the EPS Panel Based System also acts as a way to being resistance to blasts of higher magnitude.

Hospitals need to be aesthetically built because it essentially serves the humanity and hence they are also responsible for keeping the environment much cleaner and greener. And with the EPS Panels for its construction, the greener environment is certainly taken care of.

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