About Us

    The company was incorporated on the 13th of October, 2016 with an aim to provide greener building solutions to the Indian Society and Indian Surroundings. 

    We are a group of professionals coming from diverse backgrounds who wish to introduce new and alternate technologies. These are modern methods and materials of construction with international best practices to offer the following value proposition for a real estate developer in India with EPS Panel Based Technology. These are applied monolithic load bearing application or on a steel/RCC frame non-load bearing application to high rise structures.

    The Visible & Immediate  Benefits on this technology are:

    1) Easy to reach large scale of production and construction.
    2) Reduced time to market for the buildings.
    3) Affordable Price Points.
    4) Globally Accepted Quality Standards.

    The different sets people who can benefit with the EPS Panel Based Technology are:

    1) Home Owners

    2) Builders

    3) Architects

    4) Luxury Seekers

    5) Realty Brokers

    6) Industrialists.



    To be the leading provider of affordable shelter technology in developing economies in India and beyond.



    To work with public and private developers in providing houses that are environmentally friendly and cost effective for providing long-term shelter.