The advantages of the EPS Panel Based Systems are immense. These advantages stem from the basic principle of our parent company, that is to provide the most inexpensive solution to construction while providing a much superior quality.

    The modularity of the EPS Construction System helps in designing a completely flexible construction. Similarly, it also provides a high degree of integration with other construction systems.

    The panels on the whole are light weight is structure which makes it very easy to carry and transport. The panels also ensure that the construction design is as unique as one wants. While it gives the design flexibility, it also ensures the completion of construction is on time. In contrast, most of the construction is completed much earlier in comparison to the traditional construction systems.

    The panel system is certainly a go to option to have intricate and complicate designs. Furthermore the system has all the test clearances that is needs to, in order to be used in constructions. These clearances have certifications to prove its correctness.

    The lightweight panels make them extremely easy to handle, assemble, and use to build an unlimited range of structures. Even in adverse working conditions, earthquake-prone areas and climate extremes the system certainly proves superior to the traditional systems.

    The test certifications that the Emmedue Systems has in its record are: ENEA, TUV SUD, Certification from Eucentre.

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