Blast Resistance


    Blast Resistance is another feature of the EPS Panel Based System. A series of tests has been carried out on a variety of Emmedue building panels finished in different types of high strength concrete. The tests were conducted using a powerful explosive, in a test chamber optimized to produce uniform shock waves on the face of the panels.

    The Emmedue panels performed excellently withstanding explosions of 29.5 tons/sq m.

    A blast resistant construction is certainly not a feature that a city dweller would benefit from. It is a feature where blast like situation is very prevalent. 

    For example, Emmedue's first construction in India, in Kedarnath, at the foothills of the Himalayas. Emmedue built a set of row houses there. It is a pilgrimage, and even if one does not like it, there is always a cross fire between anti-social elements and the military forces. And in these scenarios, it is beneficial to have homes that can be safe from the bullets and blasts that is a result of such cross fires.

    Furthermore, if you see the videos below, we see military forces taking aim at the walls. These walls are built using the EPS Panels. And as seen, the damage done on the wall because of the bullets and blasts is very less. Hence, take a situation wherein the bunkers for the army is built using the EPS Panels. This will provide a great security to the army men fighting and making the country and its borders much more secure.

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