Cyclone Resistance


    By being cyclone resistance, what we mean to say is that the construction can withstand cyclones only upto a certain speed. More than the tested speeds, the panels cannot withstand the cyclone. But the design of the building can ensure that cyclones of higher speed is easy to take care of.

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    Throughout the years, buildings using the Emmedue system in cyclone prone areas have shown their capacity to withstand the passage of the most destructive cyclones.

    Laboratory tests, conducted on Emmedue buildings, to determine the resistance of cyclone impact and damage caused by wind- borne debris confirm the strength of the building system. The tests are in compliance with U.S regulations for cyclone speeds of up to 106.2 km per hour.

    Cyclone Resistance & Indian Conditions

    In Indian conditions it is essential to have buildings that can resist the cyclones. Consider the condition in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India for the last couple of years. The cyclones have been lashing that part of the country and causing severe damages. And everytime, such incidents happen, the people of the city find it difficult to come back to normal. 

    Consequently, if the buildings and majority of the constructions can be built using the EPS Panels, then it could reduce half the problems that may arise in the future. The buildings can be saved from any potential damage. Furthermore, the recovery period for the home dwellers too, can come down considerably.

    Hence, even though this advantage is spoken of in the end, this is another feature of the EPS Panels that will make the Indian Buildings sturdy and strong for long.

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