Earthquake Resistance

    earthquake resistance

    Lab tests carried out on full-size prototype houses determined that Emmedue structures withstand, completely undamaged, earthquake loads superior to seismic safety requirements. The prototype houses are also being tested using both artificial and natural accelerograms with peak values over 1,0g. Earthquake Resistance of highest possible level are the results of these tests.

    The results in the lab tests certainly represent the scientific confirmation of real world earthquake observations.

    Buildings made using Emmedue panels are particularly lightweight, so have a low seismic mass, but are at the same time rigid due to two sheets of reinforced plaster that interact to create an enveloping ‘shell’ of the whole structure.

    In addition to the technical details of why a building being earthquake resistance is important. There are also a lot of aesthetic benefits of having buildings that stand through heavy earthquake scenarios. This ensures that people feel that they live in a safe haven.

    For Example, consider a school construction using the EPS Panel Based System. Consequently, the area where the school is, faces an earthquake. In such a situation, the children can be safely inside the building. The teachers in the school will be focused on other activities than first protecting the children. The other activities includes, safeguarding important school assets that can save further costs.

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