Energy Efficient


    The Emmedue building system constructs buildings which can certainly achieve high levels of energy efficient buildings. These conform to energy efficiency regulations because of the insulating envelope provided by its polystyrene core which eliminates thermal bridges and ducts within the panel.

    The Emmedue system provides significant improvements in indoor thermal comfort by greatly reducing energy consumption. And similarly promoting strategies aimed at sustainable development as established by analysis on a prototype. This consequently shows a reduction of 60% in carbon emissions when compared to traditional buildings.

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    An energy efficient building is certainly the way forward in the current global warming scenarios .

    The future of buildings is mainly constructing them considering two most important aspects:

    1) Come up with greener and therefore energy efficient buildings.

    2) Achieve the construction in the least possible cost.

    These two are certainly possible with the help of EPS Panel Based System. Energy efficient buildings helps to keep the surroundings cleen, and green. 

    Finally, in a country like India, these kind of buildings will ensure that the pollution levels comes down. In India, in the technology serves multiple purposes. First of all, it gives inexpensive building solutions for the poor and consequently providing greener buildings everywhere.