Fire Resistance


    A building with fire resistance is a unique feature which comes with the EPS Panel Based System. The Emmedue EPS Panel Based Fire Resistance for a building can certainly withhold a great degree of fire.

    As proven on records, if the the side of the outer wall of the structure catches fire, it will technically take a minimum of three hours for the heat to percolate to the innermost layer of the house.

    Furthermore, as in the results of the tests by Emmedue: 

    Consider a fire with a three thousand degrees celsius coming in contact with the outer wall. In contrast, the temperature of the inner walls will be at the maximum of forty eight degrees celsius, that too at the end of three hours. This is certainly far less and in too less time when in comparison to the traditional system. Such a level of fire resistance is probably the best in the construction industry.

    A fire resistant building is a blessing that every construction actively seeks. Being fire resistant automatically increases the value of the construction, because one of the biggest hazard is almost completely eliminated. Consequently, because the fire percolates very slowly, any major damage that can arise because of the fire is once again, is almost completely negated.

    The quality of the foam polystyrene used for our panels is self-extinguishing. And also is perfectly encased by layers of reinforced concrete which coat the sides of the panel and inhibit combustion.

    Fire resistance has also been verified in tests performed in various laboratories. For instance, a wall erected using a PSM80 provides ReI 120 fire resistance, which means that for 150 minutes, the panel proved to be R = stability, E = resistance to fire and smoke, I = insulation.