Lightness in construction material is a feature that is very essential for a building. A light material ensures that the construction cost comes down, majorly because of the weight.

    It is light weight, yet at the same time it is rigid. Emmedue panels are both easy to handle and transport even in the most adverse conditions.

    Prior to an application of shortcrete, an Emmedue panel weighs between 3.5 kg/mq to 5 kg/mq. This means that a single worker can easily handle a 3 sq.m wall, that is, a panel as high as the storey height.

    Indian Example for Lightness of the EPS Panels

    In India, Emmedue came to India in the year 2014. In India, it set to use their technology in the toughest of terrains. They built their homes in Kedarnath, the foothills of Himalayas. In Kedarnath, a set of row house are constructed essentially to showcase various advantages of the Emmedue Panels.

    Vehicles do not go to the height of where the row houses are being constructed. Hence, the panels were transported using animals of the hills. And the best thing about the transportation is that none of the animals were injured or their health compromised. 

    Further, women were used to build the homes to lift the panels and place it at the desired place of the construction.

    In Latin America, all the major construction activities involve women in their buildings, because they are more trustworthy and easy to impart any new knowledge. Hence, all the construction using EPS Panel Based System in Latin America are done by the women workforce.