Load Resistance


    Load Resistance is once again one of the most important features for building construction. 

    Numerous lab tests, performed in different parts of the world, have highlighted the high load resistance of the Emmedue panels which after compression testing with centred load performed on a single finished panel, 270cm high, have shown they withstand a maximum load of up to 1530 kn/m ≈ 156 ton/m.

    The monolithic joints of the Emmedue building system provide a high level of structural strength to buildings.

    The load resistance of a building is a feature that is interlinked to other features that the EPS Panel Based System provides. Like a Load Bearing wall, will ensure that the structure will also be earthquake resistance. 

    A load resistant structure ensures that the panels can easily be used to build structures where safety is the topmost priority. For example, in schools. 

    In a school, the children indulge in a lot of activity. These activities includes, jumping, running around, playful banters, playful fights, etc. Most certainly in schools in India, these activities are an every day phenomenon. Hence the structure should be well built to tackle all of these. When a structure is thus able to bear enough load, which is also tested makes it less stressful to the teachers and the staff, because they can be relieved of one of their responsibilities. This is only because it is easy for the construction material that the kids are safe.

    In the days where the buildings are collapsing, due to the neglect of the certain officials. It is very important that technology like the EPS Panel Based Technology is used for constructing the buildings.