Rapid Installation


    Just like a construction being cost effective, it also needs to be ensured that the construction is completed on time and more often quickly. Especially in case of an office building or residential. This is because, design buildings or religious places can take longer time, because the focus on aesthetics and the look of the building is much more. And the stakeholders in case of a temple or a design construction would therefore be ready to wait longer.

    Whereas, in case of a residential or a commercial building the time line is extremely crucial. Hence, having a rapid installation method to constuct the buildings becomes extremely important. 

    Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the Government expects to deliver homes to all the people who do not own homes by the year 2022. This is a rather mammoth amount of construction to be completed in a very short span of time. Under the traditional way of construction it is almost an impossible task.

    This is where Emmedue's EPS Panel Based System comes into its own. The EPS Panel based system gets the construction time down by almost forty percent, certainly making it one of the quickest way to build.

    What Emmedue Says about Rapid Installation?

    The Emmedue system has been used in countless building experiences, in diverse conditions, and with all types of labour in many countries worldwide. These building experiences show a marked reduction in construction time compared to traditional building methods. Emmedue panels are industrialized, and for this reason, assembly processes are optimised, labour is significantly reduced, and construction time decreased by roughly 40%*.


    * refers to builds using PSMØ2.5 panels

    Click to see a snippet of the construction (Stair Construction) using EPS Panels