Thermal Insulation


    Emmedue constructions perform brilliantly in both thermal insulation and load-bearing functions. The thickness and density of the panel is customisable to deliver specific thermal insulation requirements.

    Furthermore, the EPS core extends throughout the surface. This consequently makes up the building envelope eliminating thermal bridging.

    Themal Insulation as a feature is a very essential for any construction. This is because a thermally insulated building helps provide an uniform experience to the people. These people are either working or staying inside the buildings built. This ensures that irrespective of the temperatures outside, it helps keep the temperatures inside cooler.

    In the context of India, a thermally insulated building ensures, that the Air Conditioners or Air Coolers can be used intelligently. That is, instead of keeping the temperatures of the Air Conditioner at a lower temperature, say at 18 degree celcius, it can be kept at 24 degree cencius. Especially during the hot summers, and hence reduce the electricity bill overall.

    For example, an Emmedue PSM80 wall with a finished thickness of about 15cm provides the same thermal insulation as an insulated solid masonry wall of about 40cm, with obvious advantages in terms of additional space.

    Coupling with sound-absorbing materials (such as plasterboard, cork, coconut fibre, rock wool, etc.,), further optimizes the acoustic insulation of those walls, in compliance with the most stringent regulations.


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