Versatility is one of the biggest USPs of the EPS Panel Based System. Being versatile means any kind of construction becomes a reality.

    There are various buildings that sees the light of the day because the Emmedue EPS Panel Based System supports it through.

    As a result, any shape or size can made using the EPS Panels. This is mainly because of the base of material of the panels, which is Expanded Polystyrene. Expanded Polystyrene is a chemically processed thermocol. And hence, it is possible to make it into any shape that the architect or the builders thinks of.

    In contrast, the construction does not lose any of the strength and durability.

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    Emmedue's view on Versatility of the panels

    The Emmedue building system gives full design flexibility as it offers a complete range of building elements such as,

    1) Load-bearing walls.

    2) Curtain walls.

    3) Floors and stairs. 

    The panels are easy to use in the construction of any type of structure. The panel can be given the shape of  any geometric requirement.  The shapes can be flat or curved - by simple cutting, on-site.

    Emmedue is an extremely versatile building system which is completely compatible with all other existing construction systems; also, Emmedue products are even suitable for completing concrete or steel structures.

    In addition, Emmedue products finds its uses with other construction elements, such as steel, wood, and pre-stressed concrete.

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