wide choice of finishes


    The final finishing of a surface is certainly the last point when it comes to completing the structure. It is the finishing that makes the finally makes the structure beautiful.

    After the panels gain their shape because of the versatility of the panels, finishing becomes an even more important task.

    Buildings constructed using Emmedue panels can be completed in a variety of finishes. Even traditional painting can also be put on the wall.

    The surface of the walls has the appearance of a thin sheet of a plaster. Furthermore, the plaster surfaces looks like it undergoes the process of reinforcement. This easily accommodates all types of wall coverings. This includes stone tiles and rainscreen cladding.

    Especially, in a country like India, where the demographics change from city to city. Even within a certain city, the styles of living change in every area. This can be clearly seen in a city like Mumbai, where the population is very area specific. One area sees the Maharashtrian polulation, while another sees the Malayalees. And every area has a different style statement.

    Hence, when you consider, the finishes becomes very important. So every wall will need different kind of finishing. And different kind of look and feel. The walls or the floor or any part of the panels can be covered by tiles, or even plastering is possible. It can also be painted in the traditional way, or for that matter even texture painting is possible with the EPS Panels.

    The kind of finishing, whether high quality or low quality, the strength or quality of the struture does not deteriote even slightly.