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    Green Building Report

    India is becoming a hub for green buildings with more and more people embracing greener ways to construct. As on 25th January 2018, India has been ranked third on the US Green Building Council (USGBC) in their annual ranking of the top ten countries for Leadership in Energy and...

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    News Wrap – 16th June, 2018

    We have been silent for a long time. But we have been hustling all the while. To give a quick information an award to recognize our green initiatives. And the next to follow is the tie up with an US Based organization. All of it; a step ahead to...

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  • Hospitals built using EPS Panels

    Hospitals are one of most aesthetic of places. A construction that of an hospital, needs all the care while building. EPS Panels, is thus one of the best systems that is used for the construction. Example of Hospitals using EPS Panels In this blog we will look into two...

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  • Villa Miseria, Buenos Aires

    A villa miseria, or just villa, is a type of shanty town or slum found in Argentina. They are mostly around the largest urban settlements. The term is a noun phrase made up of the Spanish words villa (village, small town) and miseria (misery, dejection), and was adopted from...

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  • Austin Eco Bilingual School

    The Austin School first opened in 2010 as a Maternal and Infant Garden and then later with the bilingual double day mode. From the year 2011, it opened its primary school under the same model, also incorporating the Portuguese language from the 4th Year. In 2013, the inauguration of...

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