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    EPS Panel Based Technology

    The basic element of the EPS Panel Based system is a modular non prefabricated panel, made up of two electro-welded steel wire meshes, linked each other by connectors, sandwiching a polystyrene foam slab suitably shaped. The production is on an industrial scale. The panel is then assembled and cast-in-place using shotcrete.

    Emmedue offers a complete range of building elements:

    1) Load bearing walls.

    2) Floors.

    3) Roofing.

    4) Stairs.

    5) Partitions, and certainly

    6) Curtain walls. 

    Therefore buildings can be entirely constructed with the same building system. This optimizes different supply and timing phases. As well as work force availability.

    The construction system is not a modular one. Some may infer that no further process is to be done after the installation. While, the EPS System can be considered as being a monolithic structure. 

    It is a brickless structure. And that is the main reason, why the walls are strong. It becomes water resistant, because on both sides of the walls, there is concrete and shot crete, and hence no chance of cracks appearing on the walls through which water can seap in.

    Another major feature of these panels is that, it can withstand good amount of heat, acting as a thermal insulation. Especially in a country like India, where there are four seasons in the weather, a constant comfortable temperature inside the residing place or a workplace is highly desirable. 

    Finally, since every panel is a replacement of large chunk of bricks, and hence it brings down the construction time as well as the construction cost.


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