Curved Panels

    The Curved Panel is a special panel having big dimensions and thickness, manufactured in the factory in a flat form and pre arranged in order to be bent after at the job site.


    The curved panels, is a special panel which has big dimensions and thickness. The main advantage offered by these kind of panels is the possibility to cover big areas in a fast and convenient way. The structure grants a high thermal insulation as well as a resistance to earthquakes.

    It's manufacturing is done in the factory with the help of an initial flat forms and pre-arranged and finally fit at site accordingly.

    The panel produced in the factory is easily transported and is bent manually at the job site, or by a semi-automatic and pneumatic  equipement designed by Arreda Homes in the requested shape. 

    The curved panels provides great flexibility to the construction. These kinds of panels gives an architect or a designer to think of designs that otherwise is impossible. 

    For a builder, a curved panel gives the freedom to be creative in the approach to construction. Curved Panels are also further indication that any kind of shape is possible using the EPS Panels. This also ensures that the creative freedom of an architect is not sacrificed.

    It is very important to note that, irrespective of the shape given using the curved panels, the structures do not lose their strength. In contrast, because of the peculiar non-standardized shapes, it increases the overall strength of the overall structure.

    Curved Panels are so far a speciality of our Technology Partners, Emmedue. The main reason being that, they are the pioneers in this technology while others are the followers.

    The EMMEDUE Curved Panel is an exclusive patent of EMMEDUE S.p.A.


    Constructions using Curved Panels

    Residential Building
    Las Terranas: Dominican Republic
    Barasaoin Church