Double Panels

    The insulated double panels are excellent for concrete walls with reinforcement, including load-bearing and retention ones.


    The double panels consist of two basic single panels, suitably shaped and joined to one another by double horizontal connectors, creating a cavity to be filled with concrete having appropriate characteristics and strength. 

    A double panel is an extension and a natural progression from the Single Panels. As a result, it is in use to build taller structures. This taller structure is using only the double panels.

    These kind of panels, gives the structure stronger walls as compared to the singles panels. These kind of panels certainly provides the luxury to use the panel components upto a Ground Plus Fourteen building. 

    The very next logical question would be: "Why not use it for all the structures unilaterally?"

    And the only logical answer to this question is that using double panels for smaller buildings of less than five to six floors to build would escalate the cost. As a result, not giving any substantial advantage of using panels to complete the construction. 

    Even with the double panels used for the side walls, single panels can be in use as the partition walls then mixing the variety well to have the ultimate cost benefit.

    Further, if even taller buildings need to be built, then just like the single panels, even this can be in a mix with traditional construction system. This way even tall skyscrapers can be built successfully and easily.

    The panel is then finished by external plaster. The double panel comes with reinforcement certified by an Official Laboratory in accordance with the Law 5/11/1971 no. 1086 -D.M. 14/01/2008, complying with the provisions concerning reinforced concrete structures as stated by the EUROCODE 2 (EC2).

    Constructions using Double Panels

    Glaciarium: Argentina
    Himayalas: Kedarnath, India
    Multi Storey