Floor Panels

    This panel is used to build floors and roofing with concrete joists which has reinforcements, providing significant advantages in terms of lightness, insulation and speed of assembly.


    These are EPS pre-formed polystyrene foam slab, with suitable steel joists reinforcement and then adding cast-in-place concrete. This is in use to construct floors or roofing reinforced with suitable steel joists and then adding cast-in-place concrete. 

    The outer walls and the partition walls are made with the EPS Panels. Then it is only natural to use the panel material for the flooring as well. 

    Floor Panels come with immense capability. The main attraction of this is its ability to be able bear as much load as a human mind can think of. 

    Three sets of test results show the Floor Panels capacity to be able bear loads in different ranges. The ranges of weights that the panels can withstand are:

    1) Range 1: 4,160 Kg.

    2) Range 2: 4,700 Kg. And finally, 

    3) Range 3: 5,800 Kg.

    Hence, it is evident that the floor panels along with the other panel structures can withstand various levels of loads.

    Furthermore, this is also the basis of other features for which the EPS Panel Based Systems stands for. Some of these are:

    1) Ability to withstand earthquakes.

    2) Ability to withstand cyclones.

    There are many functionalities that finds it basis in the ability of Floor Panels.

    To know about the tests done to check the Load Bearing abilities, Click on the two links below:

    1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfwAKFxiiqA

    2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owKzlosPhfE

    Constructions using Floor Panels

    Coca Cola HQ
    Islazul Mall, Spain
    Residential Building
    RDS Stadium - Thumbnail