Landing Panels

    The landing panels are in use to build landings, floors and bidirectionally with reinforced plates .


    A landing panel is one of the basic EPS panels of Arreda Homes and Emmedue. It is a default panel to be in use with the stair panels, as certainly mentioned in the Stair Panel description. To read about the stair panels, click on the link from the options at the bottom of the page.

    Also, the landing panels finds its use in many different ways. These panels are also in use as:

    1) Floor Panels.

    2) Roof Panels.

    3) Slabs needing multiple reinforcements.

    It provides continuous insulation to the internal panels. This insulation ensures that the basic construction shell gets the complete strength. Finally, these properties help in handling problems like:

    1) Fire Incidences.

    2) Cyclones.

    Furthermore, it fulfills other insulation criterias for external thermal condition. In addition to it, it also ensures that the structure is ready for any adverse situations. These situations may arise due to the weather conditions or otherwise.

    Emmedue's view on Landing Panels

    The Emmedue landing panel is an excellent solution to build landings next to the stairs. The stairs are also made with the Emmedue stair panels.

    The landing panel is also in use for any plate or slab made of concrete to be reinforced in two directions. It also offers the advantage of both reduced weight, when compared to a full slab. Finally it provides continuous insulation when used also as a formwork.


    Click to see the complete construction of a building using all the panel components.

    Constructions using Landing Panels

    Julio Iglesias Villa
    Villa Miseria
    Juan Carlos, Scientific Base: Antarctica
    Himayalas: Kedarnath, India