Single Panels

    The EPS single panel is made up of a spatial steel lattice enclosing an expanded polystyrene slab that then reaches its completion on-site with plaster.


    This panel is perfect for walls, partitions, cladding, floors and roofing. Furthermore, it is also in use for industrial applications.

    All over the world, it is currently in use as:

    1) Load-bearing structure.

    2) For buildings of up to 6 floors.

    3) Partitions and claddings, in new constructions.

    4) Similarly, in homes that are in need for renovation.

    5) Curtain walls and partitions in industrial and commercial buildings, and most certainly,

    6) As insulating frameworks for roofing.

    7) Moderate spam floors.

    The walls may be with or without pre-cast beams.

    A single panel is a basic product from the array of products that we make as construction materials. First of all, single panel is in itself a multi-purpose panel. With only single panels, a construction of Ground Plus Four building structure reaches its completion successfully. This structure is constructed using the single panels. Single panels are used along with the other supporting panel structure. Upto this height, there is no need of any intervention of the traditional construction methods. 

    But the Single Panels as partition walls in the traditional construction system for the rest of the structure is one of the way forward. This way, the single panels can be used for a construction upto even fourteen floors.

    In either ways of construction, the cost comes down considerably. Furthermore the construction time too is reduced irrespective of which way the panel is used in the construction.

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    Single Panel in Constructions

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