Stair Panels

    The Stair Panels is a panel for the fast construction of a lightweight and resistant stairs.


    It is made up of a polystyrene foam block the panel, cut in shape as per the design requirements.

    It is made into a sandwich between two metal mesh by welding steel wires. Further, it is in reinforcement and then cast-in-place using concrete or shotcrete.

    Further the finishing is done externally by using traditional plaster, tiles or any other finishing material. The stair panel is quick and easy to install and offers lightness & strength as benefits.

    These type of panels certainly cannot and will not be in isolation. It is always in use with other panel companents like the single panels, or double panels.

    More essentially, stair panels constantly finds its use with the landing panels. The landing panels are exclusively made to be in use with the these type of panels.

    Stair Panels further reduces the time taken in the construction of the staircase. Since the entire component comes as a single block, the construction time of a normal single floor staircase reduces considerably.

    Furthermore, the it provides a high degree of consistency in the length and the breadth of the stairs.

    This consistency ensures the overall symmetry of the construction.

    For a high rise building, it is this factor that ensures that the cost considerably reduces. Not just the cost, but certainly the time for construction reduces considerably. And this, chiefly because of the stair panels.

    Finally, it is essential to note that the Emmedue (Our Technology Partners) holds the exclusive patent for the Stair panels.

    Click to watch the complete construction method including the staircase, Click Here.

    Constructions using the Stair Panels

    Xelena Hotel
    Austin Eco Linguistic School
    Multi Storey